Janet K. Shawgo

Janet K. Shawgo

Award Winning Indie Author

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Did you always want to write?


Yes, but wasn't sure anyone would want to read my books. Now I have so many ideas it's difficult to know where to go now.

Where do you get ideas for your books?


For my Series I felt it would be good to write about what I know, travel nursing so my series is about travel nurses.

How did you get published?


I searched the internet for Indie publishers and chose Mill City Press.

What advice do you tell new authors?


Never give up on your dream, they can come true.

How long have you been a nurse ? And what is a travel nurse?


Over 30 years. Travel nurses travel from city to city, state to state,and work in hospitals that are short on staff, training new staff, we fill the gaps.

How did you know about the herbs described in Look For Me?


Research, research..there were no CVS or Walgreens on the corners. People used what nature provided.

Why was your main character older in Look For Me?


I chose to make her older due to her life situation. Can't tell you more or it will spoil the story.

Why a book on the civil war?


I started with the Civil War because there is history that was never taught or mentioned. I want my reader to know some of that history and that women were and are strong in times of war.

Did you like history when you were younger?


Not as much as I do now.

Did you know women actually fought during the war?


I knew that women were used as spies but until I started my research I never knew women actually fought side by side with men on both sides.

How long did it take you to write Wait For Me?

Answer: This book took me six months to write.

Did you take any personal history from family on Wait For Me?

Answer:Yes! I had family that fought in the war, I had a lot of wonderful information that was saved from my mother. I talked to WWII veterans about their experiences. The best history is that which speaks to you.

Did nurses truly land on the beaches under live fire during the war?

Answer:Yes, women landed right behind the men on Omaha and Utah beaches during WWII.

In your book Wait For Me, were there really Jedburghs?

Answer:Yes there were Jedburghs during the war but men.

Do you feel women belong in the military?

Answer:Personally yes and at one time I thought about enlisting.

Why women for strong characters in all three books of you Look For Me Series?


Why not? Women past, present and I believe in the future will always step forward when needed or called upon.

Do you believe in love that tanscends time?


Yes, dont you?

Are you going to continue to write?


Yes, I have several stories I want to tell.

Why the bad guy in Find Me Again?


You need a bad guy every once in a while and he plays another part later on.

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